SC Pilates 10 Class TURN UP!


SC Pilates 10 Class TURN UP!

Ready to kick start your commitment to your health and fitness?


Starting on the 27th of August, we are launching our first ever 10 session turn up! For one week, participants will attend 2 Pilates classes and/or Barre classes, every day for five days. This training is perfect for those who want to feel an immediate strength and toning boost and a great way to rebuild that consistency to your workouts.

Cost: $95 for the week
(that brings each class down to under $10!)

Those who complete every single class will also receive an ‘SC Squad’ training shirt. 


This method is sometimes called “Hell Week” and is used all around the world by health and fitness professionals and PT’s to see almost immediate results and change the mindset about working out. While we’re not as strict as the Navy Seals on their Hell Week, we will be keeping on top of you, making sure that you get your ass to class!

To ensure that we’re giving you the best workout we can, we are only opening this up to 12 people. This isn’t something you want to miss out on, so make sure that you purchase your Turn Up pack and great ready to feel the burn!

Ready to commit? Click here to purchase your 10 Class Turn Up pack now!

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