Bliss Balls Recipe


Bliss Balls Recipe

Are you looking for a healthy option to curb those 3pm cravings? Our nutritionist, Elle, has Kindly given us her yummy Protein Bliss Ball Recipe. Not only are these bad boys so easy to make, you can freeze your excess to make sure that you always have a snack on hand!


From Elle:

“Some delicious balls of goodness. I always always have some of these in the fridge! There are so many variations of them but the idea is to have a protein and good fat snack for between meals. A few hours after lunch is perfect, as they will keep you going until dinner and help you to avoid reaching for other sugary alternatives during the mid afternoon slump. Makes for a lovely healthy after dinner treat too. 

Remember once you make them a few times experiment on your own, I really encourage you to use my recipes as a base and develop what works for you, long-term health will be more successful that way and far easier than following recipes specifically every time! I am always changing the nuts and fruit depending on what needs to be used and if I feel like chocolate i’ll add a tsp of cacao powder, give it a go!”



1 1/2 cup of nuts (I used walnuts, brazil nuts and cashews)
1 scoop natural vanilla protein powder
6 sliced medjool dates
2 tsp water
3 tsp coconut oil (melted)
1/4 cup shredded coconut
Generous sprinkle of cranberries and chia seeds


Blitz all ingredients, roll into balls, freeze for half an hour and then store in refrigerator


For more yummy, healthy meals, head to Elle’s website:


Elle has now spent 10 years studying and working within clinical nutrition, health and wellness both internationally and in Australia.  Completing two bachelor degrees (BHSc Health Science & Nutritional Medicine) and a variety of subsidiary qualifications, it is assured she will always provide accurate and evidence driven information.  Her focus is directed towards improving ones health via medicinal nutrition, yoga therapy, pilates and a strong mind body connection


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