Happiness is the Key.


Positive Vibes.

Not just another Pilates Studio, SC Pilates is here to shake up Pilates on the Sunshine Coast. We’re all about good times and body positive vibes and we encourage all body shapes and types, male and female, to come along to our classes. At SC Pilates, we have created a fun and positive atmosphere to help you not only reach your health and fitness goals, but somewhere to go where you actually enjoy working out!

At SC Pilates, we’re real about life and believe that balance is the key to happiness within yourself. Yes, you absolutely need a healthy body and healthy mind, but we also fully support ‘treating yo’ self’!

As of the 29th of March 2019, SC Pilates will taking a new direction and exclusively offering trio, private and corporate training.

This format ensures that you are getting the best out of your workout, and so that you’re not intimidated walking into a room jam packed with strangers. Our private and trio environment is a completely welcoming and safe environment where our instructor, Shawnee, will get to know you on a personal level and reflect your training to reach your health and fitness goals.


If you’re looking for an instructor who actually listens to you, and wants to see you succeed in all of your endeavours, contact us today and talk to us about our health and fitness goals.


Who is Shawnee?

So, who is the leader of the SC Squad? Hi, my name is Shawnee; its so nice to meet you! My love of Pilates began over 7 years ago when I was overweight, unhealthy and un-happy in body and mind. I tried nearly everything I could think of to improve my situation, but nothing really clicked with me. You name it, I’ve probably tried it; personal training, gym memberships, fad diets, miracle ‘diet pills’, weight loss shakes and juice cleanses. NOTHING moved the weight until, one day, a lovely Pilates instructor heard of my struggle, took me under her wing and showed me how fun exercise could be. Pilates immediately agreed with my body and in just one short month I had lost over 8 kilos! I knew that I had found my passion and my calling and I wanted nothing more to share it with the world.


So here I am today, a Pilates instructor with my own studio, ready to help you fall in love with exercise, movement and learning to love yourself! Want to know if I’m the right fit for you? Here’s a few important facts about me:


–       I am Pilates obsessed, however I find that other forms of movement aren’t really for me!

–       I am dog obsessed and will pat your dog excessively if you bring it near me

–       I will never judge you for eating a burger, in fact, I’ll probably come and have one with you

–       I think I’m super funny and will probably be the only one laughing at my jokes during class

–       I like red wine…..a lot


Sound like an instructor you could gel with? Jump to our booking system and come say hi! I cant wait to meet you in person!